The first shipment with UNICEF humanitarian aid has arrived in Ukraine

The first shipment of humanitarian aid from UNICEF has just arrived in Lviv. It is part of a convoy consisting of six trucks containing about 62 tons of supplies. The transport was sent from UNICEF’s largest humanitarian warehouse in Copenhagen.

Among the relief items are personal protective equipment for medical workers, medicines, first aid kits, obstetric kits, surgical equipment and educational materials and toys.

The first shipment with UNICEF humanitarian aid

UNICEF humanitarian aid

War in Ukraine poses threat to women and children

The situation for children and families in Ukraine is desperate. Aid from UNICEF will provide much-needed support for women, children and health workers, said Murat Sahin, UNICEF representative in Ukraine.

Since the escalation of the conflict, families have taken refuge underground and are cut off from basic services. Hospitals and maternity wards have moved their patients to basements. Across the country, hundreds of thousands of people have no access to clean water due to damaged water supply infrastructure. The country is beginning to run out of basic medical and hygiene supplies.

Another shipment of aid, including 17,000 blankets and warm winter clothing for children, is on its way from a UNICEF warehouse in Mersin, Turkey.

UNICEF is working around the clock to scale up the effort as soon as restrictions on access to affected people are lifted. Humanitarian assistance will then be sent to the areas most affected by the conflict. ©Murat Sahin.

UNICEF takes measures to improve the humanitarian situation in Ukraine

UNICEF is also stepping up its activities to meet the immediate needs of children and families crossing into neighboring countries. These activities include setting up support points, known as Blue Dots, along the movement routes of mothers and children.

UNICEF is appealing for $276 million to help children in Ukraine and an additional $73 million to help the youngest in neighboring countries.

UNICEF reiterates its call for an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine and for humanitarian access to affected people. A cessation of hostilities would also allow families in the most affected areas to go for food, water, medical assistance or find a safe place.

UNICEF Poland has been fundraising to help children in Ukraine. The organization’s current support includes transporting clean water, hygiene and sanitation supplies, as well as providing medical and psychological aid to the affected community.

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