Humanitarian aid will be brought to Ukraine under a simplified procedure

According to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers the order of letting the humanitarian aid through the customs border of Ukraine has been simplified.

Ukrinform writes about this, referring to the message of the State Customs Service of Ukraine in Telegram.

For the operative and unobstructed entry of humanitarian aid it is necessary to do the following:

truck at the customs1. Form the cargo abroad by grouping it by separate groups of goods (food, medicines, household items, personal protection items, etc.) and compile a list thereof.

2. Collect shipping documents for the goods (if any) and hand over to the person accompanying the movement across the border of the goods (in particular the driver).

3. At the checkpoint at the state border by the person transporting (accompanying cargo) of the goods, declare the transported goods by groups of goods according to the prescribed form, and together with the shipping documents available, submit to the customs official.

Declaration of transferred goods must be done separately for each means of transport, by which humanitarian aid goods will be delivered to the place of destination.

4. After customs clearance and passing of the vehicle, deliver the cargo to its destination.


Reminder from the State Customs Service of Ukraine

The declaration of goods must be done in full. Customs officials have the right to conduct a full inspection of transported goods, if necessary, and in case of discrepancies to refuse to let the goods through.

As reported, during the state of war the admission of humanitarian aid from donors across the customs border of Ukraine is carried out at the place of crossing the customs border by submitting the shipping documents or a declaration filled out by the carrier of goods, without non-tariff regulation of foreign economic activity.

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